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H. Sjovall

NOV 2018


I got in touch with last winter and felt immediately a great connection with Jessica and her way to work with both the dogs and the customers. Even before I paid the deposit to get onto the waiting list she was very helpful and kind, got all my questions answered and didn't rush anything. This was new to me since many other breeders just want you to get your money as soon as possible. During the spring Jessica continued to send us updates, photos and everything you can ask for from a breeder, all questions got answered and we even flew from Stockholm to visit Jessica and the pack in their home. I can recommend from the bottom of my heart, they are warm and very professional. All the dogs was very happy, well behaved and absolutely gorgeous! If you want to add one of the best labs there is, search no further

B. Jones

June 2018


I've met all of the mamas and pearl's Gem litter several times and will be meeting the superheroes when they're a bit older, they are such beautiful and beautiful temperamented dogs...if you ever have the absolute pleasure of doing the same the urge to resist taking them all home is near on impossible. I've seen the effort and time Jess puts into making sure her owners are kept up to date, given advice, and welcomed into the family from the second they join the waiting list all the way through until their fluffy bundle of love is chosen and goes to their furever home and continues to do so after as well as the total dedication rearing the puppies until they're ready to do so. She goes up and beyond and the love and time she has for the dogs, puppies and owners is second to none, this is more than "just a breeder" is a family and they definitely live up to their name...prestige by name, prestige by nature

A. Fox

December 2017


We brought Vixie, our first Lab, home about 3 months ago. Right from the moment we showed interest until now (and I have both doubt into the future), Jessica has been a very thoughtful and helpful with everything from fielding basic questions, to organising a fool-proof puppy pack. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with Jessica and her four lovely girls, including Pearl who was pregnant at the time, when we were still deciding whether to go for it; we had never met a Pomsky before and wanted to suss out size and character. Needless to say, we fell in love. Jessica was attentive throughout the process, sending regular (and very welcome) puppy spam of the litter. Jessica has introduced us to a wider community of lab lovers/owners, who love to share experiences and troubleshoot about this relatively new breed. Vixie is now six months old and we couldn't be happier with her, intelligent and adorable, and has been since day one! So much so that we are thinking about the next... Look forward to seeing all the pups and their pup-rents on their birthday in June 2018!

H. Rees-Powell

December 2017

TESTIMONIAL is a conscientious breeder. All the puppies are child friendly having been brought up in her family home. Sky was toilet trained, socialised and ate well when we brought her home. Jessica is an amazing support having not had a furbaby for 20+ years. they continues to be there for you and every couple of weeks we update with photos and weights. I have no hesitation in recommending as a breeder

D. Nickels

December 2017

TESTIMONIAL has been amazing from the moment we sent our first email. She kept us informed at every step during Pearls pregnancy and has been extremely helpful with advice and tips along the way. The puppies are such a joy and have been well socialised with other dogs and children. They have been loved from the moment they were born and given the best start in life. We feel privileged to own two beautiful puppies and we can't imagine life without them.

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